You identify yourself clearly as a survivor. However you never state that you are in a state of recovery, rather you identify as “coping”.

Coping techniques are defined positively as adaptive or constructive and negatively as maladaptive or non coping. Do you think we all are coping? How would you identify?

How are the children coping with your co-parenting decision?

Living in the same town as you abusers, do you ever cross paths? If so, how do you react and why?


Reading your story you mention a past with alcohol. Are you active in AA?

Some might call your sobriety hypocrisy? How do you factor smoking marijuana into your sobriety?

Do you still battle or struggle with your eating disorder? If so, how do you balance staying healthy and fit with a need to manage diet and exercise?

What would you say to another person that has a history with cutting? Is this still a battle for you?


Do you think you made the right decision to stay in your marriage? What is your relationship like with your husband? Do you think you will ever get divorced and remarry again?

What is your relationship like with your Sweet Dee?

Do you ever see yourself getting back together with Triple Ex?


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